Impossible Innovation:Tapping the Potential of Neutron star to fuel up Earth.

neutron star

Imagine we exhaust all resources on earth and depending on Sun becomes Futile. Where to find the other alternative to fuel up entire earth ? These are some of the Question that are baffling Human mind from century and still counting to do so.

Lets look at other alternative more powerful than Sun-a Neutron star.It’s Imaginative and unpractical sound Impossible but at other hand sound Appealing getting hands on everlasting source of energy something like Neutron star Right.No it’s Easy .Lets see how?

A neutron star is the left-over remnant of a star that is bigger than seven of our suns at the end of its life. Such a star ends its life cycle in a supernova explosion, and the leftover core of the star collapses, causing protons and electrons to smoosh together at such dense rates that neutrons are formed. Neutron formation can stop the further collapse of the star into a black hole. After the supernova explosion, the neutron star would have a mass a couple times greater than our sun), packed into a space about the size of Philadelphia. If an astronaut decided to bring a teaspoon of neutrons from a neutron star, it would weigh as much as a mountain.

Neutron stars spin like nobody’s watching. Along with crazy-strong magnetic fields (which literally bend the shape of atoms), the spin also creates a whirling dervish of an electrical field . The spin acts as a generator, which powers massive storms of particles that are 30 million times the voltage of your everyday, ho-hum lightning bolt. So could we harness that energy for ourselves?

How to harness the power of a Neutron Star.

At the Epitome of our Technological advance we might be able to harness the power of a star and end up the energy crisis from earth forever providing the every citizen of the earth a free and clean source of energy .We’d need to construct a Dyson Sphere or Cloud and collect all the solar energy that emanates from it.

This is an idea known as “stellar lifting”. Stealing hydrogen fuel from the Sun and using it for our futuristic energy needs. Stars generate powerful magnetic fields. They twist and turn across the surface of the star, and eject hydrogen into space. But it’s just a trickle of material. To truly harness the power of the Sun, we need to get at that store of hydrogen, and speed up the extraction process.

The most efficient way is to feed it to a black hole and extract its angular momentum. A highly advanced civilization could siphon material directly from a star and send it onto the ergosphere of a rapidly spinning pet black hole.

Plasma on the surface of the Sun. Credit: Hinode

There is this region, called the ergosphere between the event horizon and another boundary, outside. The ergosphere is a very interesting region outside the event horizon in which a variety of interesting effects can occur. For example, if we had a black hole at our disposal, we could extract energy from spinning black holes by throwing things into the ergosphere and grabbing whatever comes out at even higher speeds.

This is known as the Penrose process, first identified by Roger Penrose in 1969. It’s theoretically possible to retrieve 29% of the energy in a rotating black hole. Unfortunately, you also slow it down. Eventually the black hole stops spinning, and you can’t get any more energy out of it. But then it might also be possible to extract energy from Hawking radiation; the slow evaporation of black holes over eons.

Advance civilization would be so advanced, with such a demand for energy, they could be extracting the material from all the stars in the galaxy and feeding it directly to black holes to harvest energy. Feeding black holes to other black holes to spin them back up again.

It’s an incomprehensible feat of galactic engineering. No one knows it becomes feasible in near future and harnessing it’s power becomes a child play.

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