Why Disruption blocks Innovation

The real breakthroughs happen when we venture outside of convention and learn to look at problems a different way. Convention ways, thinking are not only hurdle in Innovation but other forms of life. It blocks your ways to move further and linger to past.

Steve Jobs understood this process intuitively “creativity is just connecting things” was one of his most often quoted lines and it’s why he’s frequently held up as the master of Innovation.

Reed Hastings at Netflix also understood this need. Netflix pioneered online digital delivery of content, enabling users to watch movies anytime, anywhere and on any device they could connect to the Internet. Netflix blurred the lines between content distribution and content creation by offering high quality original programming.Netflix figured out a way to create a richer, easier experience for consumers that consumers had no idea they wanted.

True innovation springs from a combination of a deep understanding of customers’ needs and a willingness to approach a problem from a different angle connecting the dots where no one else has.

We look this from a different angle by employing an old problem of looking for a needle in the haystack. Everyone else’s attempts to build faster hay-sorting machines had met with limited success. But by asking the fundamental question of what makes a needle different from the hay we designed a magnet that pulls the needle out quickly and cleanly.

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